Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Sex up your love life using Harry Potter. And you thought Harry Potter was only for kids! Use these Potter potions and magical instruments to rev up your sex life like never before. Feel
the magic come back into your sexual life.

We're all going gaga over the latest Harry Potter movie installment, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. As the sixth book witnesses Harry' s relationship with Ginny, here's how you too can now use eight bewitching objects from the Harry Potter world in your love life.

Veritaserum :

Veritaserum is a very strong potion that leaves the person unable to hide the truth. We suggest you use this potion when you want to know what's going on in your lover's mind. But we suggest you use it in moderation as using it too liberally may make you discover more than you were vying for.Administer to your lady love just before you are about to make love and know more about her moan zones.

Polyjuice Potion :

You can be anyone you want for an hour, thanks to this electrifying elixir. Just lay your hands on the person's hair for the potion. It's a intoxicating foreplay device - and the ultimate role play method. Imagine turning into Brad Pitt and having a wild sack session with your love godess. Afterall, it may just be ultimate fantasy mechanism!

Room of Requirement :

Harry Potter and his pals often shared their secrets in this mysterious room where they could conjure up anything they needed. So if you are looking for a place to get down and dirty - why not use this magical room?

Remembrall :

If you've received a lot of flak for forgetting your lover's birthday - use this smoke-filled orb that turns red when the user has forgotten something. Just keep it tucked away for those special occasions which seem to slip out of your mind and see the difference.

Floo Powder :

Missing your lover? Simply spray Floo powder in the nearest fireplace, shout out the address, get in and land up in your lover's bed. It's a great potion for those pining lovers living in different cities.

Time Turner : Did you just break up and are sorely repenting your decision? Want to turn back the hands of time to the moments when it was all perfect? The Time Turner gives you the chance to travel back in time and alter events that have occurred.

Pensieve :

This modest stone bowl filled with a silvery liquid contains people's memories, leaving their minds free for other things. So, if you are still mooning over your ex, use this and be rid of bitter memories. Also, use it to win arguments, provided your memories are correct. Pensieve can be used to relive your wedding day, anniversary, or even that really intoxicating sex session you had last month. ( indiatimes.com )

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