Simplicity For Success

Simplicity For Success. It seems too good to be true. And yet everyone from the most affluent business consultants to the most revered spiritual gurus tell us the same thing. It all comes down to one word: Simplicity.

The key to everything you are looking for can be found through simplicity.

You are complex. We are complex beings. We have uncountable cells in our bodies, uncountable thoughts in our minds, oceans of memories and endless vistas of desires. We relate slightly differently to every person we encounter. We must balance our needs, our wants and our numerous conflicting tendencies.

And so, when we finally set out to accomplish something, it can feel like dropping a feather into a whirlpool. Our intention can get caught in a loop and end up down the drain. We can easily become the plaything of all the complex forces pushing and pulling us in directions unrelated to our desire.

When you realize that the cross-currents in your energy field are the very things that are keeping you from success, the solution becomes crystal clear. Whether you want to heal your body or manifest a new car, the method is the same. Once you come into alignment with your desire so that all parts of you are moving in the same direction, the fulfillment of your desire must come to you.

You can be simple. How do you get all parts of you moving in the direction of your desire? The simplest way is with simplicity. The fastest and most direct way to achieve anything your heart desires is to become absolutely simple on the subject of your desire. And when you do that, we call that concentration.

When you concentrate the rays of the sun with a magnifying glass you can cause a combustion. When you concentrate the rays of your consciousness in mediation, your desires burst into fulfillment. Your life energy combusts and the subject of your concentration comes into form. This is how simplicity creates results.

Go for the feeling. What you want, wants you. There is a magnetism between you. The pathway through which it can come to you is a path of feeling. So the most direct way to use the principle of simplicity to manifest your desire is to go for the feeling rather than the outcome.

Examine your desire for the feeling you think you will have once it is fulfilled. Allow that feeling to become the object of your simplicity. As you become pure in your attention to that feeling, it must combust into your lived reality.

We tend to try too hard to make things happen. We act as if we are responsible for writing the book of our lives. That can feel burdensome. Really, we are constantly being offered the joy of reading the book of our lives.

Yes, you want to write and script for the sake of creating the feeling, but then, in the living of your life, I recommend that you take pleasure in reading the story. Rather than trying to orchestrate the outcome, access the joy encoded within your now. Let the story reveal itself in the living of your life.

I think you will find it to be a more expansive, glorious unfolding than you could ever have imagined. The universe will outdo your wildest desires if you let it.


  • Sit quietly and consider your desire.

  • Get the good feeling of the fulfilled desire.

  • Relax every part of your body and feel each part of you fill with the same feeling, the feeling of the fulfilled desire. Although it is the same feeling in every part of your body, your arms feel the feeling and secretly become informed about actions to take. Your legs silently glean from the feeling a knowing of where to carry you. Your back, in a language all its own, learns the posture that matches the feeling. This is how you simplify your alignment with your desire so that it becomes your next lived reality. You won’t know what your body is getting from this process. All you do is feel the feeling. The rest happens automatically. It’s that simple.

  • Continue until every part of you is filled with the feeling of your fulfilled desire

  • Float in that feeling


The simpler you become on the subject of your desire, the faster it comes to you. And even more important than that, when it does come to you, you can enjoy it. This practice of simplicity also trains you to be present in the moment and that is the exact skill you need in order to enjoy your fulfilled desire once it arrives. And since that fulfilled desire is racing toward you, the ability to enjoy it is a great skill to have ( )

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