Babies Swim Into Easter

Babies Swim Into Easter - Who needs a portrait with the Easter bunny when you have these tiny tots to ring in spring and Easter?

A group of babies who all learned to swim at Water Babies, the world’s leading baby swim school, were photographed underwater celebrating Easter in a unique way.

The three children – two babies and one toddler – were photographed earlier this month as part of the swim school’s regular tradition of offering parents the chance to have their babies photographed underwater each term, according to the team at Water Babies.

In this case, in celebration of the upcoming Easter holiday, on Sunday, March 31, the tots were given stuffed rabbits and bunny ears to make the photo shoot more fun.

“The photo shoot was magical,” a representative told “Jorja was even singing underwater while she cuddled her Easter bunny.”

Jorja is Jorja Lambie, the 3-year-old daughter of one of the swim instructors at Water Babies, a U.K.-based organization with branches in Ireland and Australia.

She, along with the two other children – 8-month-old Ioan Taghdissian and 6-month-old Summer Kelly – all of whom live in England, have been taking swimming lessons since they were “a few weeks old.” ( Good Morning America )

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